Events Archive: Winter 2001

Meeting #5

| 4:30 PM EST | MC3036

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Meeting #4

| 4:30 PM EST | MC3036

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Meeting #3

| 3:39 PM EST | MC3036

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ACM-Style programming contest

| 10:30 AM EST | MC3006

Practice for the ACM international programming contest

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Our ACM-Style practice contests involve answering five questions in three hours. Solutions are written in Pascal, C or C++. Seven years in a row, Waterloo's teams have been in the top ten at the world finals. For more information, see the contest web page.

Easy Question:

A palindrome is a sequence of letters that reads the same backwards and forwards, such as ``Madam, I'm Adam'' (note that case doesn't matter and only letters are important). Your task is to find the longest palindrome in a line of text (if there is a tie, print the leftmost one).

Input:                              Output: asfgjh12dsfgg kj0ab12321BA wdDwkj   abBA abcbabCdcbaqwerewq                  abCdcba

Hard Question:

An anagram is a word formed by reordering the letters of another word. Find all sets of anagrams that exist within a large dictionary. The input will be a sorted list of words (up to 4000 words), one per line. Output each set of anagrams on a separate line. Each set should be in alphabetical order, and all lines of sets should be in alphabetical order. A word with no anagrams is a set of anagrams itself, and should be displayed with no modifications.

Input:      Output: post        post pots stop pots        start start stop

Meeting #2

| 3:30 PM EST | MC3036

Second CSC meeting for Winter 2001.

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Proposed agenda

Book purchases

They haven't been done in 2 terms. We have an old list of books to buy. Any suggestions from are welcome.

CD Burner

For doing Linux burns. It was allocated money on the budget request - about $300. We should be able to get a decent 12x burner with that (8x rewrite).

The obvious things to sell are Linux Distros and BSD variants. Are there any other software that we can legally burn and sell to students?

Unix talks

Just a talk of the topics to be covered, when, where, whatnot. Mike was right on this one, this should have been done earlier in the term. Oh well, maybe we can fix this for next fall term.

Game Contest

We already put a bit of work into planning the Othello contest before I read Mike's post. I still think it's viable. I've got at least 2 people interested in writing entries for it. This will be talked about more on Monday. Hopefully, Rory and I will be able to present a basic outline of how the contest is going to be run at that time.

Peri's closet cleaning

Current sysadmin (jmbeverl) and I (kvijayan) and President (geduggan) had a nice conversation about this 2 days ago, having to do with completely erasing all of peri, installing a clean stable potato debian on it, and priming it for being a gradual replacement to calum. We'll probably discuss how much we want to get done on this front on Monday.

Any comments from the newsgroup are welcome.

Executive elections

| 4:30 PM EST | MC3036

Winter 2001 CSC Elections.

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Would you like to get involved in the CSC? Would you like to have a say in what the CSC does this term? Come out to the CSC Elections! In addition to electing the executive for the Winter term, we will be appointing office staff and other positions. Look for details in

Nominations for all positions are being taken in the CSC office, MC 3036.