Picture of Sat Arora

Sat Arora


Hi, I'm Sat! This term, I want all members of CSC to really have fun and feel included as tech enthusiasts, meaning that I'm always brainstorming ways to expand the scope of CSC's services and reach, promoting all of our initiatives & events, and being in close contact with the organizing team + important organizations & societies. I love getting to meet new people and talking to friends, but I also get absolutely memed on by several members for no reason. If you ever want to pick my brain when I'm not doing math or playing chess or actually studying as a 2B CS student :'), you can find me hanging around in the CSC Office or our Discord server! Come say hi sometime :)

Picture of Ivy Lei

Ivy Lei


Hi there! I’m Ivy and I’m currently in 2B CS. CSC has meant a lot to me in terms of providing a welcoming and supportive community, as well increasing accessibility to resources for those who are interested in computer science. This term, I’m hoping to bring you not only initiatives about various tech topics, but also unforgettable memories from our events. While not grinding away on CSC projects as VP, you can catch me enjoying tasty food in whatever city I’m in 🦝🍜. Besides that, I’ll also find any excuse to sing, dance, and memorize uselessful trivia about the world. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for questions or concerns!

Picture of Adele Chen

Adele Chen

Assistant Vice-President

Hi! I’m Adele and I’ll be your AVP this term. I’ve met so many amazing people from CSC, so this term I hope to encourage more people to experience what the community has to offer. In my free time, you’ll probably find me watching a movie or making nachos in my kitchen. If you ever see me around MC, come say hi :)

Picture of Laura Nguyen

Laura Nguyen


Hello! I am just here Laura and in my 3B term of CS. As Treasurer, I am overseeing CSC's budget and accounting, ensuring that members are [reasonably] happy, for any kind of happiness that money can provide. :> I enjoy being on Discord as well as moderating, so...I happen to also be CSC's Head Discord Moderator! XD Just making sure that things go well. :) Feel free to reach out to me to talk about anything (and brownie points to interesting conversations)! :D

Picture of Codey



The one, the only, Codey! Codey is a friendly and welcoming Shiba who uses they/them pronouns. Codey loves programming and playing on their laptop. You can often find Codey posing for event promo graphics, or chilling in the CSC discord.

Community Representatives

Picture of Ivy Lei
Ivy Lei
Team Lead
Picture of Awab Ahmed Qureshi
Awab Ahmed Qureshi
Picture of Cristal Lu
Cristal Lu
Picture of Felix Yang
Felix Yang
Picture of Harshitha Durai Babu
Harshitha Durai Babu
Picture of Kevin Cui
Kevin Cui
Picture of Mayank Mehra
Mayank Mehra
Picture of Nachiket Rao
Nachiket Rao
Picture of Nikki Guo
Nikki Guo
Picture of Richard Zhou
Richard Zhou
Picture of Sat Arora
Sat Arora


Picture of Cadey Chen
Cadey Chen
Team Lead
Picture of Ashlyn Wu
Ashlyn Wu
Picture of Jessica Chan
Jessica Chan
Picture of Kelly Qu
Kelly Qu
Picture of Linda Wang
Linda Wang
Picture of Roni Wu
Roni Wu
Picture of Aaryan Shroff
Aaryan Shroff
Picture of Rachel Ma
Rachel Ma

Discord Bot (CodeyBot) Developers

Picture of Marcus Chan
Marcus Chan
Team Lead
Picture of Ashish Selvaraj
Ashish Selvaraj
Picture of Fan Yang
Fan Yang
Picture of Jainah Chen
Jainah Chen
Picture of Justin Young
Justin Young
Picture of Martin Zhao
Martin Zhao
Picture of Prabhav Khera
Prabhav Khera
Picture of Richard Fan
Richard Fan
Picture of Laura Nguyen
Laura Nguyen


Picture of Andrea Ma
Andrea Ma
Team Lead
Picture of Joseph Perez
Joseph Perez
Team Lead
Picture of Naman Chhawchharia
Naman Chhawchharia
Team Lead
Picture of Anthony Wang
Anthony Wang
Picture of Carolyn Zhang
Carolyn Zhang
Picture of Evelina Zheng
Evelina Zheng
Picture of Han Wu
Han Wu
Picture of Harish Uthayakumar
Harish Uthayakumar
Picture of Kaushik Chatterjee
Kaushik Chatterjee
Picture of Layne Lim Ah Tock
Layne Lim Ah Tock
Picture of Mayank Kanoria
Mayank Kanoria
Picture of Nicholas Tao
Nicholas Tao
Picture of Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Picture of Stella Tian
Stella Tian
Picture of Sydnie Chau
Sydnie Chau
Picture of Vaaranan Yogalingam
Vaaranan Yogalingam
Picture of Zhehai Zhang
Zhehai Zhang
Picture of Diana Brebeanu
Diana Brebeanu
Picture of Eric Huang
Eric Huang
Picture of Jenn Zhang
Jenn Zhang
Picture of Keane Moraes
Keane Moraes
Picture of Riddhi Bajaj
Riddhi Bajaj

External Affairs

Picture of Jason D'Souza
Jason D'Souza
Team Lead
Picture of Devin Li
Devin Li
Picture of Ernest Wong
Ernest Wong
Picture of Jinal Rajawat
Jinal Rajawat
Picture of Priyanshu Sharma
Priyanshu Sharma
Picture of Vibhor Guatam
Vibhor Guatam


Picture of Joyce Ye
Joyce Ye
Team Lead
Picture of Joshua Duho Kim
Joshua Duho Kim
Picture of Kshama Patel
Kshama Patel
Picture of Rasta Ranjbar
Rasta Ranjbar
Picture of Sabina Gorbachev
Sabina Gorbachev
Picture of Haley Song
Haley Song


Picture of Bonnie Peng
Bonnie Peng
Team Lead
Picture of Angela Xu
Angela Xu
Picture of Bryan Wang
Bryan Wang
Picture of Daniel Su
Daniel Su
Picture of Enming Yang
Enming Yang
Picture of Hillary Geary
Hillary Geary
Picture of Sabrina Xing
Sabrina Xing
Picture of Annie Zhang
Annie Zhang

Web Committee

Picture of Shahan NedaDahandeh
Shahan NedaDahandeh
Team Lead
Picture of Annie Sun
Annie Sun
Picture of Darren Lo
Darren Lo
Picture of Mark Chiu
Mark Chiu
Picture of Richard Shuai
Richard Shuai
Picture of Tejas Srikanth
Tejas Srikanth
Picture of Aditya Thakral
Aditya Thakral
Picture of Amy Wang
Amy Wang
Picture of Neil Parikh
Neil Parikh

Systems Committee

Picture of Yiao Shen
Yiao Shen
Team Lead
Picture of Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang
Picture of Edwin Zhang
Edwin Zhang
Picture of Rio Liu
Rio Liu
Picture of Amin Bandali
Amin Bandali
Picture of Anthony Brennan
Anthony Brennan
Picture of Elana Hashman
Elana Hashman
Picture of Jennifer Zhou
Jennifer Zhou
Picture of Max Erenberg
Max Erenberg
Picture of Raymond Li
Raymond Li
Picture of Zachary Seguin
Zachary Seguin

Terminal Committee

Picture of Yiao Shen
Yiao Shen
Team Lead
Picture of Edwin Zhang
Edwin Zhang
Picture of Jonathan Leung
Jonathan Leung
Picture of Justin Chung
Justin Chung
Picture of Keanu Liwongan
Keanu Liwongan
Picture of Nathan Chung
Nathan Chung
Picture of Nicholas Ficara
Nicholas Ficara
Picture of Qinghui Zhang
Qinghui Zhang
Picture of Rio Liu
Rio Liu
Picture of Young Wang
Young Wang
Picture of Max Erenberg
Max Erenberg
Picture of Raymond Li
Raymond Li


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