Picture of Amy Wang

Amy Wang


Hello, my name is Amy (she/her), and I'm in 3A CS. As your Fall 2022 CSC President, my goals include:

  • Helping CSC's organizing team enrich the UW student experience through impactful events and initiatives
  • Creating opportunities for students to make friends and get support throughout their CS + tech journey
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with MathSoc, our parent society

You can often find me procrastinating hanging out in the CSC office (MC 3036), or lurking in the CSC Discord server - please don't hesitate to reach out and talk to me about anything! Outside of CS, I also enjoy rock climbing, playing video games, playing piano, baking, and walking/biking around town.

Picture of Anna Wang

Anna Wang


Hello! I’m Anna and I’m currently in my 3A term of Computer Science. As Vice-President, I look forward to making everyone feel welcome in the CSC community and creating a positive and inclusive environment for students! In my spare time, I enjoy playing volleyball, music, and exploring the topics of art history and fashion. I hope to see you all at our events or in our office, and feel free to say hi whenever you drop by! If you ever have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out πŸ™‚

Picture of Mabel Kwok

Mabel Kwok

Assistant Vice-President

Hi! πŸ‘‹ I'm Mabel and I'll be your AVP this term. I'm currently in my 3A CS term and am thrilled to have all of you join CSC and be a part of this amazing community! I've been on events for the last two terms but have always been looking for ways to push CSC forward to make our club better. We have some fantastic events planned for this term, and I cannot wait to see you guys there 😊 In my free time, I enjoy learning new things, playing piano, and journaling. Feel free to reach out anytime for any questions or just to say hi!

Picture of Simon Zeng

Simon Zeng


Hey! My name is Simon and I'm currently in 4A CS. I've been a frequent CSC office-goer since 2018, and I'm looking forward to helping with keeping the club run smoothly this term! I'm also a huge functional programming geek, feel free to talk to me about that or anything else at any time :D

Picture of Raymond Li

Raymond Li

Systems Administrator

Hey there! I'm Raymond Li. I'm in my 3A term of CS. As sysadmin, I lead syscom and termcom in maintaining all the club infrastructure, including our machines, mirror, wiki, email service, Gitea instance, Mattermost instance, TheLounge instance, Nextcloud instance, our self-hosted URL shortener (Shlink, at csclub.ca), and much much more. Major projects I've got planned this term include hosting a password manager for all members of the UWaterloo community, and revamping our Club Electronic Office (CEO)*! In my spare time, I like to code, ski, and play chess and violin.
#btwiusearch (at least until Linux expires in 2038)

Picture of Codey



The one, the only, Codey! Codey is a friendly and welcoming Shiba who uses they/them pronouns. Codey loves programming and playing on their laptop. You can often find Codey posing for event promo graphics, or chilling in the CSC discord.

Community Representatives

Picture of Ivy Lei
Ivy Lei
Team Lead
Picture of Awab Ahmed Qureshi
Awab Ahmed Qureshi
Picture of Eeshita Dayani
Eeshita Dayani
Picture of Harshitha Durai Babu
Harshitha Durai Babu
Picture of Kevin Cui
Kevin Cui
Picture of Mayank Mehra
Mayank Mehra
Picture of Nikki Guo
Nikki Guo
Picture of Olivia Liu
Olivia Liu
Picture of Peter Wang
Peter Wang
Picture of Amy Luo
Amy Luo
Picture of Sat Arora
Sat Arora


Picture of Rachel Ma
Rachel Ma
Team Lead
Picture of Ashlyn Wu
Ashlyn Wu
Picture of Cadey Chen
Cadey Chen
Picture of Janavi Vekariya
Janavi Vekariya
Picture of Jessica Chan
Jessica Chan
Picture of Roni Wu
Roni Wu
Picture of Aaryan Shroff
Aaryan Shroff

Discord Bot (CodeyBot) Developers

Picture of Laura Nguyen
Laura Nguyen
Team Lead
Picture of Marcus Chan
Marcus Chan
Team Lead
Picture of Ashish Selvaraj
Ashish Selvaraj
Picture of Martin Zhao
Martin Zhao
Picture of Saad Ali
Saad Ali
Picture of Victor Zheng
Victor Zheng
Picture of Alex Zhang
Alex Zhang
Picture of Mark Chen
Mark Chen


Picture of Alan Wang
Alan Wang
Team Lead
Picture of Jenn Zhang
Jenn Zhang
Team Lead
Picture of Riddhi Bajaj
Riddhi Bajaj
Team Lead
Picture of Adele Chen
Adele Chen
Picture of Andrea Ma
Andrea Ma
Picture of Arya Dixit
Arya Dixit
Picture of Carolyn Zhang
Carolyn Zhang
Picture of Celine Chung
Celine Chung
Picture of Christina Li
Christina Li
Picture of Connie Wang
Connie Wang
Picture of Elaine Han
Elaine Han
Picture of Ethan Hong
Ethan Hong
Picture of Freya Zhang
Freya Zhang
Picture of Han Wu
Han Wu
Picture of Joseph Perez
Joseph Perez
Picture of Keane Moraes
Keane Moraes
Picture of Peter Lin
Peter Lin
Picture of Siting Ban
Siting Ban
Picture of William Tran
William Tran
Picture of Zhehai Zhang
Zhehai Zhang
Picture of Bonnie Peng
Bonnie Peng
Picture of Cath Wan
Cath Wan

External Affairs

Picture of Jason D'Souza
Jason D'Souza
Team Lead
Picture of Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim
Picture of Devin Li
Devin Li
Picture of Ernest Wong
Ernest Wong
Picture of Jasmine Chan
Jasmine Chan
Picture of Markos Georghiades
Markos Georghiades
Picture of Priyanshu Sharma
Priyanshu Sharma
Picture of Eric Liu
Eric Liu


Picture of Haley Song
Haley Song
Team Lead
Picture of Arjun Amit Athalye
Arjun Amit Athalye
Picture of Joshua Duho Kim
Joshua Duho Kim
Picture of Joyce Ye
Joyce Ye
Picture of Kshama Patel
Kshama Patel
Picture of Rasta Ranjbar
Rasta Ranjbar
Picture of Dina Orucevic
Dina Orucevic


Picture of Annie Zhang
Annie Zhang
Team Lead
Picture of Angela Xu
Angela Xu
Picture of Daniel Su
Daniel Su
Picture of Ethan Hong
Ethan Hong
Picture of Ryan Mark
Ryan Mark

Web Committee

Picture of Shahan NedaDahandeh
Shahan NedaDahandeh
Team Lead
Picture of Beihao Zhou
Beihao Zhou
Picture of Jared He
Jared He
Picture of Aditya Thakral
Aditya Thakral
Picture of Amy Wang
Amy Wang
Picture of Neil Parikh
Neil Parikh

Systems Committee

Picture of Raymond Li
Raymond Li
Team Lead
Picture of Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang
Picture of Edwin Zhang
Edwin Zhang
Picture of Leo Shen
Leo Shen
Picture of Rio Liu
Rio Liu
Picture of Amin Bandali
Amin Bandali
Picture of Anthony Brennan
Anthony Brennan
Picture of Elana Hashman
Elana Hashman
Picture of Jennifer Zhou
Jennifer Zhou
Picture of Max Erenberg
Max Erenberg
Picture of Zachary Seguin
Zachary Seguin

Terminal Committee

Picture of Raymond Li
Raymond Li
Team Lead
Picture of Devin Lin
Devin Lin
Picture of Jonathan Leung
Jonathan Leung
Picture of Justin Chung
Justin Chung
Picture of Justin Toft
Justin Toft
Picture of Keanu Liwongan
Keanu Liwongan
Picture of Nathan Chung
Nathan Chung
Picture of Rahul Tandon
Rahul Tandon


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