Picture of Eden Chan

Eden Chan


Hey! I'm Eden, and I love to meet people at events and learn about their experiences. To recharge my batteries, I like to run outside to touch grass and upload piano covers.

Picture of Bonnie Peng

Bonnie Peng


Hi there! I'm Bonnie, a 2B CS student from Nova Scotia! 🐟 CSC has given me so many opportunities to grow and flourish in the community, so I hope to give you the same kind of support, and as much as you need, as this term's VP! In my free time, I love bouncing around town with my camera and taking long walks at the mall 😋

Picture of Haley Song

Haley Song

Assistant Vice-President

Hello! I'm Haley, and I'm currently in my 2B term of Computer Science. As a Marketing Lead and Assistant Vice President of CSC this term, I hope to spread more positive energy in CSC and make more people feel welcomed in the CS community. I love to see a lot of people enjoying their time at our events 😄 . My hobbies include going out for a long walk for some fresh air. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions or concerns!

Picture of Sat Arora

Sat Arora


Hi, I'm Sat! As a young member of the internal team who loves being around a community, I hope to help facilitate events and initiatives CSC is running this term. You can find me in the CSC Office @ MC3036 on most days, but other than that I love a good bike ride and taking in the fresh air. Come say hi sometime! 😄

Picture of Raymond Li

Raymond Li

Systems Administrator

Hey there! I'm Raymond Li. I'm on co-op after my 2B term of CS. As sysadmin, I lead syscom and termcom in maintaining all the club infrastructure, including our machines, mirror, wiki, email service, Gitea instance, Mattermost instance, TheLounge instance, and much much more. Major projects I've got planned this term include setting up NextCloud and our own self-hosted URL shortener at csclub.ca! In my spare time, I like to code, ski, and play chess and violin.
#btwiusearch (at least until Linux expires in 2038)

Picture of Codey



The one, the only, Codey! Codey is a friendly and welcoming Shiba who uses they/them pronouns. Codey loves programming and playing on their laptop. You can often find Codey posing for event promo graphics, or chilling in the CSC discord.

Community Representatives

Picture of Sat Arora
Sat Arora
Team Lead
Picture of Colby Wang
Colby Wang
Picture of Govind Varma
Govind Varma
Picture of Guneet Bola
Guneet Bola
Picture of Harshitha Durai Babu
Harshitha Durai Babu
Picture of Ivy Lei
Ivy Lei
Picture of Mayank Mehra
Mayank Mehra
Picture of Olivia Liu
Olivia Liu
Picture of Amy Luo
Amy Luo
Picture of Juthika Hoque
Juthika Hoque


Picture of Aaryan Shroff
Aaryan Shroff
Team Lead
Picture of Alice Li
Alice Li
Picture of Jenny Zhang
Jenny Zhang
Picture of Jessica Chan
Jessica Chan
Picture of Joyce Ye
Joyce Ye
Picture of Rachel Ma
Rachel Ma


Picture of Alex Zhang
Alex Zhang
Team Lead
Picture of Mark Chen
Mark Chen
Team Lead
Picture of Allen Lu
Allen Lu
Picture of Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang
Picture of Andy Li
Andy Li
Picture of Daniel Jemin Kim
Daniel Jemin Kim
Picture of Edwin Yi-Jan Yang
Edwin Yi-Jan Yang
Picture of Elaine Han
Elaine Han
Picture of Gen Nishiwaki
Gen Nishiwaki
Picture of Howe Wang
Howe Wang
Picture of Laura Nguyen
Laura Nguyen
Picture of Marcus Chan
Marcus Chan
Picture of Victor Zheng
Victor Zheng
Picture of Charles Zhang
Charles Zhang


Picture of Bonnie Peng
Bonnie Peng
Team Lead
Picture of Catherine Wan
Catherine Wan
Team Lead
Picture of Alan Wang
Alan Wang
Picture of Celine Chung
Celine Chung
Picture of Diana Brebeanu
Diana Brebeanu
Picture of Ethan Hong
Ethan Hong
Picture of Freya Zhang
Freya Zhang
Picture of Jenn Zhang
Jenn Zhang
Picture of Keane Moraes
Keane Moraes
Picture of Naman Chhawchharia
Naman Chhawchharia
Picture of Siting Ban
Siting Ban
Picture of Stephanie Xu
Stephanie Xu
Picture of Eric Huang
Eric Huang

External Affairs

Picture of Eric Liu
Eric Liu
Team Lead
Picture of Ernest Wong
Ernest Wong
Picture of Jason D'Souza
Jason D'Souza
Picture of Oren Leung
Oren Leung
Picture of Sameer Fettes
Sameer Fettes
Picture of David Chen
David Chen


Picture of Haley Song
Haley Song
Team Lead
Picture of Amy Lai
Amy Lai
Picture of Arjun Amit Athalye
Arjun Amit Athalye
Picture of Joyce Ye
Joyce Ye
Picture of Kshama Patel
Kshama Patel
Picture of Rasta Ranjbar
Rasta Ranjbar
Picture of Dina Orucevic
Dina Orucevic


Picture of Annie Zhang
Annie Zhang
Team Lead
Picture of Bonnie Peng
Bonnie Peng
Picture of Bryan Wang
Bryan Wang
Picture of Ethan Hong
Ethan Hong
Picture of Matthew Wang
Matthew Wang

Web Committee

Picture of Amy Wang
Amy Wang
Team Lead
Picture of Neil Parikh
Neil Parikh
Team Lead
Picture of Beihao Zhou
Beihao Zhou
Picture of Emily Chiu
Emily Chiu
Picture of Jared He
Jared He
Picture of Shahan NedaDahandeh
Shahan NedaDahandeh
Picture of Aditya Thakral
Aditya Thakral

Systems Committee

Picture of Raymond Li
Raymond Li
Team Lead
Picture of Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang
Picture of Edwin Zhang
Edwin Zhang
Picture of Leo Shen
Leo Shen
Picture of Rio Liu
Rio Liu
Picture of Amin Bandali
Amin Bandali
Picture of Anthony Brennan
Anthony Brennan
Picture of Elana Hashman
Elana Hashman
Picture of Jennifer Zhou
Jennifer Zhou
Picture of Max Erenberg
Max Erenberg
Picture of Zachary Seguin
Zachary Seguin

Terminal Committee

Picture of Daniel Liu
Daniel Liu
Picture of David Hui
David Hui
Picture of Devin Lin
Devin Lin
Picture of Joseph Wang
Joseph Wang
Picture of Justin Toft
Justin Toft
Picture of Patrick Luo
Patrick Luo
Picture of Rahul Tandon
Rahul Tandon
Picture of Seshan Ravikumar
Seshan Ravikumar


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