About Us!

CS Club is working towards bridging the gap between each and every CS student, to support their undergraduate experience and to provide a community that students can belong to and identify with. With hundreds of CS students joining Waterloo every year, CS Club aims to run events that encourage students to connect and socialize, to increase technical and academic interest with workshops and talks, and to provide a safe environment for academic learning and growth.

Our Vision

  1. Academic: Promoting the knowledge and interest of Computer Science, as well as supporting students throughout their academic experiences.

  2. Career: Providing career guidance and resources to help students gain experience and knowledge for their own job search.

  3. Community: Encouraging interpersonal relationships through community building and social events for all computing students.

Our Story

We are students ourselves, coming from all computing backgrounds — Computer Science, Software Engineering, CFM, Mechatronics Engineering, and more. CS Club was born from an unfulfilled need; we felt that although there are so many students at UW that are interested in CS, there wasn't a proper support network in place. We lacked the cohorts provided to engineers, and we felt disconnected from one another.

By recreating what CS Club means for our community, we're passionate about helping students redefine their university experience here at Waterloo.

Our Mission

The CS Club team is devoted to providing you with all the resources you could need as a student. We want to create a community that members can call home, to make it a place where you can reach out for career advice, for academic help, or even just to socialize. To fulfil this mission, we'll be running events and initiatives throughout the term, so please check out our Events page to stay updated!

Our Office

The CS Club office is located at room MC 3036/3037, in the Math & Computer Building of the University of Waterloo.

  • An office favorite is our $0.50 pop for members. We have a fridge in the office which is stocked with many different kinds of pop.
  • We have lots of informative books, 5 computer terminals, and an array of knowledgeable people to talk to.

Come visit us on campus in our office! Meet new members and find out what's new in the club.

Computer Science Club
Math & Computer 3036/3037
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON  N2L 3G1

Our office phone number is (519) 888-4567 x33870.

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