Events Archive: Spring 2001

ACM-Style programming contest

| 10:30 AM EDT | MC3006

Practice for the ACM international programming contest

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Our ACM-Style practice contests involve answering five questions in three hours. Solutions are written in Pascal, C or C++. Seven years in a row, Waterloo's teams have been in the top ten at the world finals. For more information, see the contest web page.

Easy Question:

A palindrome is a sequence of letters that reads the same backwards and forwards, such as ``Madam, I'm Adam'' (note that case doesn't matter and only letters are important). Your task is to find the longest palindrome in a line of text (if there is a tie, print the leftmost one).

Input:                              Output: asfgjh12dsfgg kj0ab12321BA wdDwkj   abBA abcbabCdcbaqwerewq                  abCdcba

Hard Question:

An anagram is a word formed by reordering the letters of another word. Find all sets of anagrams that exist within a large dictionary. The input will be a sorted list of words (up to 4000 words), one per line. Output each set of anagrams on a separate line. Each set should be in alphabetical order, and all lines of sets should be in alphabetical order. A word with no anagrams is a set of anagrams itself, and should be displayed with no modifications.

Input:      Output: post        post pots stop pots        start start stop