Events Archive: Fall 1994

Game Theory

| 5:30 PM EST | MC 2038

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From the Minimax Theorem, through Alpha-Beta, and beyond...

This will be a discussion of the pitfalls of using mathematics and algorithms to play classical board games. Thorough descriptions shall be presented of the simple techniques used as the building blocks that make all modern computer game players. I will use tic-tac-toe as a control for my arguments. Other games such as Chess, Othello and Go shall be the be a greater measure of progress; and more importantly the targets of our dreams.

To enhance the discussion of the future, Barney Pell's Metagamer shall be introduced. His work in define classes of games is important in identifying the features necessary for analysis.

Exploring the Internet

| 5:30 PM EDT | MC 3009

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Need something to do between assignments/beers?

Did you know that your undergrad account at Waterloo gives you access to the world's largest computer network? With thousands of discussion groups, gigabytes of files to download, multimedia information browsers, even on-line entertainment?

The resources available on the Internet are vast and wondrous, but the tools for navigating it are sometimes confusing and arcane. In this hands-on tutorial you will get the chance to get your feet wet with the world's most mind-bogglingly big computer network, the protocols and programs used, and how to use them responsibly and effectively.

ACM-Style Programming Contest

| 11:00 AM EDT | MC 3022

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Big Money and Prizes!

So you think you're a pretty good programmer? Pit your skills against others on campus in this triannual event! Contestants will have three hours to solve five programming problems in either C or Pascal.

Last fall's winners went on to the International Finals and came first overall! You could be there, too!

Prograph: Picture the Future

| 6:00 PM EDT | DC 1302

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What is the next step in the evolution of computer languages? Intelligent agents? Distributed objects? or visual languages?

Visual languages overcome many of the drawbacks and limitations of the textual languages that software development is based on today. Do you think about programming in a linear fashion? Or do you draw a mental picture of your algorithm and then linearize it for the benefit of your compiler? Wouldn't it be nice if you could code the same way you think?

Visual C++ and Visual BASIC aren't visual languages, but Prograph is. Prograph is a commercially available, visual, object-oriented, data-flow language. It is well suited to graphical user interface development, but is as powerful for general-purpose programming as any textual language.

The talk will comprise a discussion of the problems of textual languages that visual languages solve, a live demonstration of Prograph, and some of my observations of the applications of Prograph to software development.

UNIX II Tutorial

| 5:30 PM EDT | MC 3022

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UNIX I Tutorial

| 5:30 PM EDT | MC 3022

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SIGGRAPH Video Night

| 7:30 PM EDT | DC 1302

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CSC Elections

| 5:30 PM EDT | MC 4040

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Movie Outing: Brainstorm

| 9:00 PM EDT | Princess Cinema

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The first of this term's CSC social events, we will be going to see the movie ``Brainstorm'' at the Princess Cinema. This outing is intended primarily for the new first-year students.

The Princess Cinema is Waterloo's repertoire theatre. This month and next, they are featuring a ``Cyber Film Festival''. Upcoming films include:

  • Brazil
  • Bladerunner (director's cut)
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Naked Lunch

Admission is $4.25 for a Princess member, $7.50 for a non-member. Membership to the Princess is $7.00 per year.