Here you can find all the links and instructions to the different resources available to all CSC members!

Machine Accounts

The main benefit of becoming a CS Club member is to get access to our various machines.

  • We offer a large range of hardware, including Alpha, MIPS, UltraSPARC, i386, and AMD64. Our primary development machine, high-fructose-corn-syrup, is a 4x AMD Opteron (64 cores at 2.4 GHz) with 64 GiB of RAM, and it easily outperforms the Linux machines available through CSCF.
  • Most of our machines are connected via gigabit ethernet. We offer 4 GB of disk quota that is accessible across all of our machines. Our wiki contains a full machine list.

SSH key fingerprints for caffeine (our main server) can be found below:

RSA: 0c:a3:66:52:10:19:7e:d6:9c:96:3f:60:c1:0c:d6:24
ED25519: 9e:a8:11:bb:65:1a:31:23:38:6b:94:9d:83:fd:ba:b1

SSH key fingerprints for other machines

Machine Usage Agreement