Machine Usage Agreement



  • The University of Waterloo Computer Science Club whose office is located in room 3036/3037 of Mathematics and Computer Building (UW campus), telephone number (519) 888-4657 x3870.

CSC Network

  • The network of computer hardware and peripherals owned by, rented to, on loan to, or otherwise under the control of the CSC, including everything under the DNS zone.



  • Computer, terminal or other piece of hardware.
  • Non-CSC machines include CSCF's xterms and printers.

Systems Committee

  • An appointed body responsible for the operation of the CSC network and the software that runs on it. A complete description is available in the CSC Constitution.

Network Bandwidth

  • The percentage of bytes per unit of time that can be handled by the network(s) in question. These networks include the University of Waterloo on-campus network and the Internet.

Computing Resources

  • Resources the CSC considers limited include
    • Public temporary disk space
    • Swap space
    • Other commonly held disk space (which may include the home file system)
    • inodes
    • Memory
    • CPU time
    • Processes
    • TTYs and pseudo-TTYs
    • Network bandwidth
    • Ports
    • CSC Cloud Services