News Archive: Winter 2024


The executive team would like to appoint the following:

  • Head of Discord (CodeyBot) Developers: Prabhav Khera (p2khera), Fan Yang (f25yang)
  • Head of Class Profile: Alexander Liao (a23liao)
  • Head of Design: Anny Wei (a25wei)
  • Head Discord Moderator: Roger Cao (r44cao)
  • Head of Events: Andrea Ma (a49ma), Nicholas Tao (n2tao)
  • Head of External Affairs: Devin Yanche Li (dyli)
  • Head of Marketing: Arijit Chowdhury (a49chowd), Lila Hoang (Lbxhoang)
  • Head of Photography: Varuni Gupta (v3gupta)
  • Head Community Representative: Kim Guo (k5guo)
  • Webmaster: Darren Lo (dlslo), Richard Shuai (r2shuai)
  • Office Manager: Tiger Ding (t27ding)


The Winter 2024 Elections were held Thursday, December 11th at 6PM EST. Here are the elected executives for the term!

  • President: Ivy Lei (ihlei)
  • Vice-President: Gordon Lin (g3lin)
  • Assistant Vice-President: Saurin Patel (sa23pate)
  • Treasurer: Andrea Ma (a49ma)
  • Sysadmin: Nathan Chung (n4chung)