News: May 5, 2022


Spring 2022 elections have concluded. Here are your executives for the term:

  • President: Eden Chan (e223chan)
  • Vice President: Bonnie Peng (b38peng)
  • Assistant Vice President: Haley Song (h79song)
  • Treasurer: Sat Arora (s97arora)
  • Sysadmin: Raymond Li (r389li)

Additionally, the following postions were appointed:

  • Head Community Coordinator: Sat Arora (s97arora)
  • Heads of Discord: Mark Chen (m375chen) and Alex Zhang (xc22zhan)
  • Head of Design: Aaryan Shroff (a2shroff)
  • Heads of Events: Bonnie Peng (b38peng) and Catherine Wan (c29wan)
  • Head of External Affairs: Eric Liu (e59liu)
  • Head of Marketing: Haley Song (h79song)
  • Office Manager: Sat Arora (s97arora)