News Archive: Spring 2021


There will be a planned power outage in MC Saturday, July 17 from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Most CSC services will be unavailable during this time. CSC machines will be powered off one hour before the outage begins, at 6:00 am.

Please prepare for the outage by:

  • Ensuring all running processes have their state saved (configuration, data, etc.)
  • Ensuring any important files are backed up off-site from the CSC


Join CSC for Alt-Tab, an event that consists of 10-15 minute talks by students on some interesting topics in the field of tech! Some topics that students have delivered talks on include virtual reality, pathfinding, web development, and competitive programming. The event will be hosted virtually at the end of July! Currently, we are looking for speakers for the event who are passionate about tech and want to gain some public-speaking experience. We would love to hear from everyone!

Apply at ! Alternatively, you can also email us at exec(a) with an outline of your topic.

Application Deadline: Thursday, July 15th at 11:59pm ET.


Spring 2021 elections have concluded. Here are your executives for the term:

  • President: Kallen Tu (k4tu)
  • VP: Gordon Le (g2le)
  • AVP: Ravindu Angammana (rbangamm)
  • Treasurer: Neil Parikh (n3parikh)
  • Sysadmin: Max Erenberg (merenber)

The unfilled positions this term are:

  • Office Manager
  • Librarian


MathSoc has decided to waive club fees for the Spring 2021 term.

  • If you are a current CSC member who has already paid for Spring 2021 membership, your membership has been extended by one term.
  • If you are a current CSC member whose membership is expired for the Spring 2021 term, you can email to have your membership renewed for the term at no cost.

If you are not a CSC member, but would like to become one, we continue to use the modified process we put in place in Spring 2020 making remote registrations possible:

Email the CSC Systems Committee at from your UWaterloo email address with the following:

  1. a scan or photograph copy of your WatCard,
  2. your WatIAM userid, and
  3. your acknowledgement of having read, understood, and agreeing with our Machine Usage Agreement.

The club office will remained closed until further notice. Have a safe Spring term!


Due to recent events involving the Freenode IRC network, the #csc channel on Freenode has been migrated to If you are in the #csc channel on Freenode, please migrate to as soon as possible. The two networks are currently being bridged temporarily to ease the transition.


Computer Science Club systems and services will be unavailable on Saturday, May 15 due to a planned power outage in the Mathematics and Computer Building (MC) from 7am to 11am.

The CSC will begin shutting down machines at 6am in preparation of the outage.

Please prepare for the outage by:

  • Ensuring all running processes have their state saved (configuration, data, etc.)
  • Any important files are backed up off-site from the CSC

If you have any questions/concerns, please email the Systems Committee.


Hello everyone! CSC and DSC are teaming up to bring you all a side-project event next term! Our goal with this event is to help you plan and execute an amazing side project over the course of several weeks, and we'll be releasing more details about this soon

Right now, we are looking for mentors that are interested in participating! This is an amazing opportunity to gain project management, mentorship and leadership experience, all while giving back to the community of students at UW.

As a mentor, you'll be tasked with helping teams of students create roadmaps of their project, setting milestones, and making sure that everyone stays on task. Additionally, if you'd like to share your technical experience and expertise, we have optional office hours where mentors can help teams debug their code!

If you're interested, please sign up! You won't immediately be committing to the role; and we'll have a secondary check-in to ensure that you're familiar with the responsibilities.

Sign up at! Alternatively, you can email us at with a short description about yourself, your experience, as well as what technical fields you're comfortable mentoring.

Deadline to Sign Up: Wednesday, May 7th at 11:59pm EDT