News Archive: Fall 2020


Fall 2020 elections have concluded. Here are your executives for the term:

  • President: Mokai Xu (m92xu)
  • Vice President: Anastassia Gaikovaia (agaikova) (stepped down as of 2020-11-30)
  • Secretary/Assistant Vice President: Edwin Yang (e37yang)
  • Treasurer: Neil Parikh (n3parikh)
  • Sysadmin: Murphy Berzish (mtrberzi)

The unfilled positions this term are:

  • Office Manager
  • Librarian


The CSC Systems Committee announces the availability of the CSC's own installation of the ZNC IRC bouncer for CSC members at, as the second of several steps it is taking to bring modern user freedom- and privacy-respecting communication tools to CSC members. Please see the notice sent to csc-general for the complete announcement.


Due to the closure of campus this term, the Computer Science Club will be holding elections for Fall 2020 virtually. The president, vice-president, treasurer and assistant vice-president (formerly secretary) will be elected and the sysadmin will be ratified. The librarian and office manager will not be appointed, since the office will be closed for the Fall term.

If you'd like to run for any of these positions, please email Nominations will close on Saturday, September 19 2020 at midnight EDT.


MathSoc has decided to waive club fees for the Fall 2020 term as well.

  • If you are a current CSC member who has already paid for Fall 2020 membership, your membership has been extended by one term.
  • If you are a current CSC member whose membership is expired for the Fall 2020 term, you can email to have your membership renewed for the term at no cost.

If you are not a CSC member, but would like to become one, we continue to use the modified process we put in place in Spring 2020 making remote registrations possible:

Email the CSC Systems Committee at from your UWaterloo email address with the following:

  1. a scan or photograph copy of your WatCard,
  2. your WatIAM userid, and
  3. your acknowledgement of having read, understood, and agreeing with our Machine Usage Agreement.

The club office will remained closed until further notice. Have a safe Fall term!