News Archive: Spring 2019


On August 21st, we were informed that sometime before 2:30PM EDT taurine caught fire. As a result, it is currently unavailable and is expected to remain so permanently.

See the Machine List for alternate general use servers.


There will be a power outage on campus from 7:00 am until 9:00 pm on Sunday, August 18th (EDT). To prepare for this outage, all Computer Science Club servers will be down starting at 11:00 PM on Saturday, August 17th. This includes web hosting, CSC Cloud, email, and mirror. Please make sure you save all of your work before then, and we also recommend backing up your files just in case.

See also the notice from Plant Ops.


Spring 2019 elections have concluded. Here are your executives for the term.

  • President: Uday Barar (ubarar)
  • Vice President: Rajat Malhotra (r24malho)
  • Treasurer: Raghav Sethi (r5sethi)
  • Secretary/Assistant Vice President: Bo Mo (bzmo)
  • Sysadmin: Charlie Wang (s455wang)

The remaining appointed positions are - Office Manager: Hannah Wong (sm7wong)

  • Librarian: Nolan Munce (nmmunce)