News Archive: Spring 2018


While power has been restored to the Math & Computer Building (MC), power is not yet available in the machine room. As a result, most CSC services are still unavailable at this time.

The current estimate for power is Saturday, Sept. 1.

Currently, due to machines located in other buildings and emergency generator power to select machines in MC, the following services are currently available:

  • Mirror
  • Mail (Webmail, SMTP and IMAP
  • Caffeine (including web hosting)

Once power is restored to the machine room, the Systems Committee will continue restoring remaining services.


The Systems Committee has been informed of a planned power outage in the Math & Computer Building (MC) Tuesday, August 21 to Thursday, August 30. Systems will be unavailable starting Sunday, August 19 at 12pm EDT and are expected to be restored on Thursday, August 30.

We expect that our Open Source Software mirror be available during the outage.

See the notice sent to csc-general for more information.

Please contact the Systems Committee if you have any questions.

Updated on 2018-07-19 as the outage time was extended.

Updated on 2018-08-02 with additional information and extended outage time.


Here are the nominations for the Spring 2018 elections:

  • President: Melissa (matedesc), Haoran (h594wang)
  • VP: Dhruv (djauhar), Haoran (h594wang)
  • Secretary: Dhruv (djauhar), Marc (mnmailho)
  • Treasurer: Tristan (tghume)

Additionally, the following people have expressed interest in appointed positions:

  • Office Manager: Aditya (a3thakra), Archer (z577zhan), Haoran (h594wang), Yash (y2mathur)
  • Librarian: Aditya (a3thakra), Archer (z577zhan), Anamaya (agarodia)
  • Pop/Fridge Regent: Marc (mnmailho)
  • Sysadmin: Jennifer (c7zou)


Here are the results from this term's elections:

  • President: Melissa Tedesco (matedesc)
  • Vice-President: Dhruv Jauhar (djauhar)
  • Treasurer: Tristan Hume (tghume)
  • Secretary: Marc Mailhot (mnmailho)

Additionally, the following positions were appointed:

  • Systems Administrator: Jennifer Zhou (c7zou)
  • Office Manager: Aditya Thakral (a3thakra)
  • Librarian: Archer Zhang (z577zhan)
  • Fridge Regent: Marc Mailhot (mnmailho)