News Archive: Winter 2016


Many of the Computer Science Club's systems and services will be unavailable for maintenance on Wednesday, February 17 from 11am to 5pm.

See the announcement for more information.


Elections for Winter 2016 have concluded. The following people were elected:

  • President: Patrick Melanson (pj2melan)
  • Vice-president: Patrick Melanson (pj2melan)
  • Acting Vice-president: Theo Belaire (tbelaire)
  • Treasurer: Luqman Aden (laden)
  • Secretary: Naomi Koo (m3koo)
  • SysAdmin: Zachary Seguin (ztseguin)
  • Office Manager: Reila Zheng (wy2zheng)
  • Librarian: Felix Bauckholt (fbauckho)
  • Fridge Regent: Marc Mailhot (mnmailho)