Alt Tab - Student Ted talks

| 7:00 PM EDT | MC 2054

🎙️ Join CSC for Alt-Tab, a lightning tech talk series presented by students! Alt-Tab consists of several ~15-minute talks about a variety of topics related to computer science and technology. Snacks will only be available to CSC members in accordance with MathSoc regulations.

⚡ Talk list:

  • Navya Mehta (4B, CFM): Performant Deep Learning Inference at Scale: Challenges and Case Studies at WOMBO AI
  • Andrew Dong (2B, CS): AlphaGo and Artificial Intuition
  • Daniel Matlin (4A, CS): Google Sheets and Giggles
  • Joshua Liu (2B, CS): 101 Ways to escape (Python) jail
  • Felix Yang (3B, CS): Pairing Functions
  • Kavin Satheeskumar (3A, CS): State Estimation
  • GT (3A, CS): The Most Robust Design Pattern

📅 Date: March 14th, 2023 at 7-9 PM EST

📍 Location: MC 2054