Code Party and Midterm Scream

| 7:00 PM EDT | STC 0060

📣Do you ever feel like screaming on the top of your lungs? 🙀 Then CSC’s Code Party and Midterm Scream is where you need to be!

🤩 Come to our first code party of the term! You can chill out, work on side-projects, or finish up on homework and assignments. 📚 There will also be snacks while you are working away or just hanging out with a fellow CSC friend. At 9 PM we will head out to the Rock Garden to let out a synchronized, one-minute long scream to relieve midterm stress! 🥳

Code Party: 📆 Event Date: June 17th from 7 - 9 PM

📌 Location: STC 0060

🙀 The Midterm Scream will take place at 9 PM in the Rock Garden!

👉 Sign-up through this link:

We hope to see you there!