Tech Talk: Google Fiber Internet: The Messy Bits

| 6:00 PM EST | MC 2065

Google Fiber's Internet service offers 1000 Mbps internet to a few cities: that's 100x faster than a typical home connection. The problem with going so fast is it moves the bottleneck around: for the first time, your Internet link may be faster than your computer, your wifi, or even your home LAN.

Our speaker, Avery Pennarun, will share some not-very-secret secrets from the team creating GFiber's open source router firmware, including some discussion of wifi, marketing truthiness, the laws of physics, something about coaxial cables, embedded ARM processors, queuing theory, signal processing, hardware design, and kernel driver optimization. If you're lucky, he may also rant about poor garbage collector implementations. Also, there will be at least one slide containing one of those swooshy circle-and-arrow lifecycle diagrams, we promise.

About Avery Pennarun: Avery graduated from the University of Waterloo in Computer Engineering, started some startups and some open source projects, and now works at Google Fiber on a small team building super fast wifi routers, TV settop boxes, and the firmware that runs on them. He lives in New York.

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