C++ GoingNative Lectures

| 6:30 PM EDT | PHY 150

If you're not familiar with the C++ GoingNative series, you can check them out on the GoingNative website.

We will be showing lectures from some of the top individuals working on C++ approximately biweekly on Thursdays in the PHY 150 theatre. Every lecture will be accompanied with free pizza and drinks! Here is our schedule and the planned showings:

  • Thu. Oct. 3, 6:30PM: Stroustrup - The Essence of C++
  • Thu. Oct. 17, 6:30PM: Lavavej - Don't Help The Compiler
  • Thu. Oct. 31, 6:30PM: Meyers - An Effective C++ Sampler
  • Thu. Nov. 7, 6:30PM: Alexandrescu - Writing Quick C++ Code, Quickly
  • Thu. Nov. 21, 6:30PM: Parent - C++ Seasoning