Jenny Wong

I am a juggling, oboe-playing programmer, and I speak the language of mathematicians as easily as the language of people who have strong opinions about text editors. vim is the best


  • University of Waterloo Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours Combinatorics & Optimization) Sept 2010-Apr 2014
    • Took courses such as Digital Signal Processing, Symbolic Computation, and Convex Optimization

Personal Projects

  • Open Source Contributions

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

    • Implemented and tested AVL trees, binary heaps, tries and a Huffman coder in C
    • Contributed example code to the Boyer-Moore string searching algorithm Wikipedia page
  • C Compiler

    • Wrote a compiler that translated a subset of C to MIPS assembly
    • Implemented pointer arithmetic, conditional statements and loops
    • Optimized output using constant folding, propagation and SSA form-based dead code elimination techniques
  • Cali

    • Simple natural language processor for dates and times, for a calendar or reminder application
    • Written in C using flex and bison, then again in Racket
  • Commandline Bus Schedule Printer

    • Wrote a Python script that queries an sqlite3 database for bus arrival times

Work Experience

  • University of Waterloo CS 145 Tutor Aug 2011-Dec 2011

    • Gave individually tailored explanations of functional programming concepts to students in the advanced level first term CS class
    • Created test cases to check student submissions for correctness and efficiency
    • Automated the testing and grading process with Bash and Python scripts
  • IBM Canada Ltd Student Intern Aug 2009-Aug 2010

    • Maintained a programming resource website with fellow interns for high school students
    • Explained computer science concepts through different media including a heap sort demonstration catered to visual learners
    • Mentored campers for a one-week math/engineering-focused camp for girls


  • University of British Columbia Optimization Workshop Contest Winner 2012
  • University of Waterloo President's Scholarship of Distinction 2010
  • Junior-level Canadian Computing Competition Honour Roll (group 2) 2008


  • Computer Science Club Member Dec 2011-Apr 2014

    • Office staff and member of the systems committee
    • Co-ran and redesigned the club's UNIX 10X tutorials
  • Shad Valley Attendee, University of New Brunswick campus July 2009