0.24 sudden death challenges


  1. Each challenge consists of playing a randomly chosen Crawl race/class combo (e.g. MiBe). The combo for each week of the competition will be announced at 00:00 UTC on the Friday starting that week. All players have one week to finish a game using that combo. Only milestones recorded during the week (from 00:00 UTC on the start date until 00:00 UTC on the end date) will count for scoring.
  2. Your first 0.24 game started on an official server during the week will count for scoring. This is the only allowed attempt, subject to rule 3 below.
  3. One redo per week is allowed if your first game ended in death with player XL < 5 (i.e., no redo once you hit XL 5). The redo game must be started after the end of the first game (no startscumming!). The highest CSDC score of the two games is counted towards your score.
  4. Each challenge has an optional bonus challenge in addition to the race/class combo. Each bonus will have two tiers; the second tier is more difficult and worth more points.
  5. Each challenge includes a list of gods. A bonus point can be earned upon reaching ****** piety (or on worship with Gozag or Xom) with one of the listed gods. The point is lost if you ever abandon your god or are excommunicated. If the combo for the week is a zealot background, god points are only for sticking with the starting god. If the combo for the week is a demigod, the god point is automatically awarded.
  6. The season consists of 5 challenges total (i.e., 5 different combos). Each race and background will be selected at most once during the competition.
  7. The final rankings will be tallied at the end of week 5 and represent the final outcome. The player with the highest CSDC score is the champion.
  8. Tiebreakers are (in order): number of weekly bonus points, highest in-game score.
  9. Don't play on more than one account. That misses the point.


Scoring is divided into two parts, weekly points assigned to each game played, and one-time points awarded once per season regardless of how many games achieve them.

Weekly points (can be earned each week)
Kill a unique:1
Enter a multi-level branch of the dungeon:1
Reach the end of a multi-level branch (including D):1
Champion a listed god:1
Collect a rune:1
Collect 3 or more runes:1
Collect the Orb:1
Complete a Tier I bonus:1
Complete a Tier II bonus:1
One-time points (earned once in the competition)
Win a game with 15 runes:3
Clear a Ziggurat:3
Enter Zot at XL 20 or lower:3
Win a game in under 40,000 turns:6
Win a game without entering lair:6
Get a rune without using potions or scrolls:6

It will not always be the case that earning a Tier II bonus implies that you have earned a Tier I bonus, these points can be awarded separately. Unless specified, a bonus or one time point does not require you to win to earn the point.

Fair Crawling

All contestants will compete with commonly recognized principles of sportsmanship and fair play. Failure to do so will result in disqualification without recourse and your entry will be deleted from the scoring database. If you are uncertain if something is "fair play" then ask for clarification before doing it. Ignorance and negligence are not excuses for poor behavior.

All contestants acknowledge an obligation not to commit misconduct in relation to their participation. Misconduct is any act that is a breach of good manners, a breach of good sportsmanship, or unethical behavior. Misconduct will also result in disqualification without recourse and your entry will be deleted from the scoring database. Severe misconduct will lead to exclusion from future CSDC events.

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