0.24 sudden death challenges

_You are suddenly pulled into a different region of the Abyss!
_A floating eye, a glowing orange brain, 4 small abominations and 8 large
 abominations come into view.

The Crawl Sudden Death Challenges is a competition that aims to fill a Crawl niche not currently filled by the biannual version release tournaments. The idea is for players to compete by trying to do as well as possible in a game of Crawl with one attempt only; if you die, that challenge is over (thus "sudden death", though you may—will—also die suddenly). This competition is a lower time commitment event that aims to challenge players while simultaneously encouraging unusual characters and play styles that you might not normally consider.

Milestones from CSDC games will be announced in the IRC channel ##csdc on freenode. It's a great place to hang out if you want to live spectate ongoing games or talk with other people about the competition.

Competition Format


Cool Plays

If you do something particularly cool in your game make a note cool play with the : command. Follow it with a second note indicating where the play started and what makes it cool. The CSDC Replay team will look through cool plays and post highlight reels from each week.

Sign Up

Sign ups are now closed. See you in 0.25.


Original CSDC rules and organization by WalkerBoh. Postquell IRC support by Kramin. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup by the Stone Soup Team. Thank you to all the players who made runs in the beta. I am your host, ebering.

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