Ninja Throw

Ninja Throw is a smartphone game for accelerometer-equipped iOS and Android devices. Players throw their phones like shurikens as far as they dare to earn imaginary internet points and bragging rights.

Ninja Throw was written during a 24-hour Facebook Hackathon by Qifan Xi, Andrea Mittelstaedt, and Matthew McPherrin. Its creation was motivated by a lack of sleep and an abundance of expensive phones.

Supported Devices

Mobile devices with browsers that implement HTML5 Device Motion Events can play Ninja Throw. We have tested and can verify compatibility with the following: Safari on iPhone 4, Firefox on Galaxy Nexus.

The current version of Google Chrome on Android devices does not support motion events.


Unfortunately, hardware testing has its perils and the development of Ninja Throw was not without victims

Andrea's iPhone takes a beating

Matthew's phone also did not survive unscathed

Try it today!

Visit this page on a supported device to play Ninja Throw. Direct link if browser auto-detection is broken.