This is my website from when I was a student at UW.

Everything on here is made with Racket (and HTML), and is quite poorly designed and built because I had no idea what I was doing (thanks Ilia for all the help). Having said that, the cubing tools do work, and many people have said they find them very helpful.

I now (at the time of writing this, in 2021) have a new website, which has much better design and organization. It is created with React on GitHub at My cubing tools will remain here for the foreseeable future.


Tools I've made for helping with blindfolded solving:

BLD Memo Tools (old version: BLD Memo Tool)
3-Style Corner Alg Generator (original version)
Corner Twist Alg Generator

My personal solves:

FM attempts (work in progress incomplete and abandoned for now; see original list)

My blindfolded system:

This google sheet has all my letter pairs (PAO) and comms (UFR, UF, UF, UFr, Ufr, Uf), as well as some twists and flips.
PLLs (3x3x3, big cubes, OH) -- potentially out-of-date

Some 3BF statistics:

3BF number of target statistics (counting n twists/flips as 2n targets)
3BF number of target statistics (counting 2n-1,2n twists/flips as 2n targets)


Courses I took at the University of Waterloo as an undergraduate:

Introductory Mathematics
Pure Mathematics
Combinatorics and Optimization
Applied Mathematics
Computer Science

Some notes from University of California, Los Angeles as a graduate student:

UCLA website (no longer active)

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