Welcome to the 3-style corner alg generator!

This page should generate most nearly-regripless 3-style algs for a given corner case, with setups no longer than the provided search depth, in axial turn metric (maximum 4, which takes several minutes). You can select if you only want regripless algs.

For each alg, the length is displayed (counting, for example, U D as a single move, R2 as two moves, U2 D' as two moves), and the algs are roughly sorted from best to worst. There is a * before the alg if the setup has a regrip. Ideas for improving the sorting are welcome.

Allow regrips
Regripless only

This website was made entirely with racket.

Last update which affects which algs are generated: 2020-03-18. (Fixed a small error with 4-move inserts in comms.)

Last update: 2020-03-18.