Very basic page of Dominik Chłobowski.

Adventures in Praha.

Liberal Studies Major with a Minor in Applied Language Studies and Certificates in Chinese and Korean. Previously finished 2 years of Computer Science Co-op studies. Job experience includes QA, programming, bookkeeping, and driving/delivery. Fluent in English and Polish, and have studied 5 other languages for 2 years. Looking to apply my linguistic, technological, and other skills in an engaging position.

Looking for a QA hire? My strengths are in quick and thorough bug testing, as well as detailed, comprehensive bug reports. View my tech resume here. IT positions also welcome.

Entry level finance position? I've done part time bookkeeping for a company with $1M+ cashflow and managed the finances of multiple university clubs. View my finance resume here.

Need a driver? I have 3000+ hours' experience driving Dodge/Mercedes Sprinters and other panel vans for delivery around GTA and Southwestern Ontario, as well as experience as a driver for a shuttle service. I enjoy driving, especially at non-standard hours of the day/night. View my driver resume here.

I'm passionate about linguistics and language learning. My Applied Language Studies Minor has prepared me for language teaching, and I've studied Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, and German. I would love to apply my linguistic skills in an engaging position. While I do not have relevant work experience, a general resume for relevant jobs can be found here.

Full CV here.