A tiny bit about Dominik Chłobowski.

Adventures in Praha.

My current hobbies and interests include Go, beer snobbery, setting frying pans on fire while figuring out this cooking thing, board games, M:TG, progressive metal, and spending altogether too much money on Kickstarters. I've been particularly impressed by the idea of crowdfunding advancing and bettering our world beyond what is possible with just commercial or governmental concerns. In the past, I've also taken up more physical pursuits, such as kendo, badminton, and ping pong. I plan to take them up again after graduation.

My dad, himself having studied four languages outside of English and Polish, instilled in me the value of multilingualism and speaking one's mother tongue. I've lived in Canada all but 9 months of my life, but due to a Polish home environment, and annual vacations in Poland, I am completely fluent in Polish. I've grown up fascinated by other languages and cultures, as well as by how people, and in particular children, acquire language. I have grand plans of raising my kids in an environment where they will be able to grow up fluent in at least 4 languages and well-versed in their parents' native cultures.

I am a sucker for physical media (though, of course, being limited on money, I also may have some amount of downloaded media that will take some time to replace in a more legal fashion) and hope to one day have an impressive library of must-experience books, music CDs, movies, and games.