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News and Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
2014-11-12Talk: Machine Learning at Bloomberg. Kang, our guest speaker from Bloomberg, will illustrate some examples and difficulties associated with working on some of the most fascinating technical challenges in business and finance. He will also show some of the machine learning applications at Bloomberg that are useful in this environment. Please show up early to ensure a spot (and dinner).
5:30 PM, EIT 1015
2014-11-17Why Pattern Recognition is Hard, and Why Deep Neural Networks Help. In the last few years, there has been breakthrough progress in pattern recognition -- problems like computer vision and voice recognition. This sudden progress has come from a powerful class of models called deep neural networks. This talk will explore what it means to do pattern recognition, why it is a hard problem, and why deep neural networks are so effective. We will also look at exciting and strange recent results, such as state of the art object recognition in images, neural nets playing video games, neural nets proving theorems, and neural nets learning to run python programs! Our speaker, Christopher Olah, is a math-obsessed and Haskell-loving research intern from Google's Deep Learning group. He has a blog about his research here: http://colah.github.io/.
6:00 PM, QNC 1502
2014-11-21Code Party 1/SE Hack Day #13. Why sleep when you could be hacking on $SIDE_PROJECT, or working on $THE_NEXT_BIG_THING with some cool CSC/SE people? Come when you want, hack on something cool, demo before you leave. If you don't have a project, don't worry - we have a list of ideas, and a lot of people will be looking for an extra helping hand on their projects. NOTE: Dinner and snacks will only be served to those working on projects during the event.
6:00 PM, M3 1006
2014-11-27Heroic Android HTTP. The network is unreliable. 3G networking is slow. Using WiFi drains your battery. The NSA is spying on you. Different versions of HttpURLConnection have different bugs. Jesse Wilson, a software developer at Square, will be talking about OkHttp, a library that he maintains, and how to use it to make your app's networking work even when conditions aren't ideal. He will talk about how to configure caching to improve behavior and save resources. He will talk about crypto, and he will give advice on which libraries to use to make good networking easy.
6:00 PM, MC 4020
Past events are available.

We are waxing the office floors on the evening of November 5th. You can come out for 7pm to help move anything on the floor out of the office.


Our free software mirror is currently down due to maintenance and multiple disk failure on the backup. We are working on bringing up a replacement. We do not have an ETA at this time for when service will be restored. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Elections for Fall 2014 have concluded. The following people were elected:

  • President: Jinny Kim (yj7kim)
  • Vice-president: Theo Belaire (tbelaire)
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Bailey (jj2baile)
  • Secretary: Shane Creighton-Young (srcreigh)

The following people were appointed:

  • Sysadmin: Sean Hunt (scshunt)
  • Office Manager: Mark Farrell (m4farrel)
  • Librarian: Gianni Gambetti (glgambet)
Older news items are available. Make sure you check out the uw.csc newsgroup and our announcement boards on the second and third floor of MC for more updates. You can also download an ICS of our events.

Getting involved

If you are interested in holding, planning, or helping out with an event, don't hesitate to contact the Programme Committee right away! We will be more than glad to help you organise and hold your event. Industry representatives should take a look at our wiki page for industry events. If you want to help out with other CSC stuff, drop by our office and we'll give you something to do.

You might want to try contacting the Systems Committee if you're interested in doing system administration tasks or if you need assistance using CSC computer systems.

Getting your own homepage

Many members of the Computer Science Club host their personal websites on our web server. To find out how to get your own, check out the Services page.