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News and Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
2018-10-15Data Driven UIs, Incrementally. Jane Street's Yaron Minsky is coming to Waterloo to give a talk aimed at undergraduate students.
5:30 pm, DC 1302
2018-10-18Code Party 0. The CS Club is hosting our first Code Party of the term from 6:30pm until ~9:30pm in EV3-1408, on Thursday October 18.
6:30 pm, EV3-1408
2018-10-22Unix 101. Learn the basics of UNIX with the CS Club on October 22, 5:30 PM in MC 3003.
5:30 pm, MC-3003
Past events are available.

We have been informed of a planned power outage that will affect CSC equipment on Oct. 9 at 11pm until Oct. 10 at 5am.

During this time, all CSC systems and services will be unavailable. Please ensure that you have saved all work before then and that you have a backup of any important files.

We expect that most services will recover automatically once power is restored, however anything requiring manual intervention will be restored later in the day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Systems Committee by email at syscom@csclub.uwaterloo.ca.


Here are the results from this term's elections:

  • President: Zichuan Wei (z34wei)
  • Vice-President: Uday Barar (ubarar)
  • Treasurer: Alex Tomala (actomala)
  • Assistant Vice-President: Neil Parikh (n3parikh)

Additionally, the following positions were appointed:

  • Systems Administrator: Jennifer Zhou (c7zou)
  • Office Manager: Alexander Zvorygin (azvorygi)
  • Librarian: Neil Parikh (n3parikh)

Nominations for the Fall 2018 exec are open. You can nominate candidates for President, Vice President, Assistant Vice President, or Treasurer by submitting their name, username, and position to the ballot box in the CSC, or by emailing cro@csclub.uwaterloo.ca with their name and position(s). Nominations close Monday, September 17th.

Elections will be held Tuesday, September 18th in the Comfy Lounge at 6:30PM. All CSC members that have paid Mathsoc fees are invited to come by and vote.

Nominations are listed here.


Power has now been restored to the machine room and most CSC systems and services are now available, with the exception of:

  • sucrose and taurine
    We are currently unable to access to servers remotely. To restore these servers, we need a visit to the machine room to identify and resolve boot issues.
    As of Sept. 5, taurine is available again with reduced RAM.
  • test-ipv6 (restored as of Sept. 2)
    Currently available from within the UW network only. Investigation is still ongoing and may require assistance from IST's security team.

If you experience any issues accessing CSC services, please contact the Systems Committee.

Older news items are available. Make sure you check out the uw.csc newsgroup and our announcement boards on the second and third floor of MC for more updates. You can also download an ICS of our events.

Getting involved

If you are interested in holding, planning, or helping out with an event, don't hesitate to contact the Programme Committee right away! We will be more than glad to help you organise and hold your event. Industry representatives should take a look at our wiki page for industry events. If you want to help out with other CSC stuff, drop by our office and we'll give you something to do.

You might want to try contacting the Systems Committee if you're interested in doing system administration tasks or if you need assistance using CSC computer systems.

Getting your own homepage

Many members of the Computer Science Club host their personal websites on our web server. To find out how to get your own, check out the Services page.