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News and Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
2016-07-25Richard Mann Prof Talk and EOT. Join us on Monday, July 25th at 6pm in the MC Comfy Lounge for an exciting prof talk by Richard Mann on Open Source Computer Sound Measurement. The abstract for the talk is below. We will follow this up by an EOT event with dinner and board games! Last event of the term, get hype.
6:00 pm, MC Comfy Lounge
Past events are available.

Elections for Spring 2016 have concluded. The following people were elected and ratified:

  • President: Luqman Aden (laden)
  • Vice-president: Melissa Tedesco (matedesc)
  • Treasurer: Jon Bailey (jj2baile)
  • Secretary: Aditya Shivam Askothar (askothar)
  • SysAdmin: Jordan Xavier Pryde (jxpryde)
  • Office Manager: Zachary Seguin (ztseguin)
  • Librarian: Charlie Wang (s455wang)
  • Fridge Regent: Marc Mailhot (mnmailho)
Older news items are available. Make sure you check out the uw.csc newsgroup and our announcement boards on the second and third floor of MC for more updates. You can also download an ICS of our events.

Getting involved

If you are interested in holding, planning, or helping out with an event, don't hesitate to contact the Programme Committee right away! We will be more than glad to help you organise and hold your event. Industry representatives should take a look at our wiki page for industry events. If you want to help out with other CSC stuff, drop by our office and we'll give you something to do.

You might want to try contacting the Systems Committee if you're interested in doing system administration tasks or if you need assistance using CSC computer systems.

Getting your own homepage

Many members of the Computer Science Club host their personal websites on our web server. To find out how to get your own, check out the Services page.