In Contexts

					(define (LR stack states-stack read-input unread-input output)
					  (if (empty? unread-input) ((λ (z) (if (boolean? z) (err (length read-input)) (reverse (cons (car z) output)))) (from-start stack))
					      (match (hash-ref trans-table (cons (car states-stack) (car unread-input)) 0)
					        [0 (err (length read-input))]
					        [(cons 'shift n) (LR (cons (car unread-input) stack) (cons n states-stack) (getread (car unread-input) read-input) (cdr unread-input) output)]
					        [(cons 'reduce n) (define rul (vector-ref rules n))
					                          (define len (length (rule-RHS rul)))
					                          (LR (drop stack len) (drop states-stack len) read-input (cons (rule-LHS rul) unread-input) (cons rul output))])))

This is the webspace of Taras V. Kolomatski

I like the number 163, but not 5.


BMath in Pure Mathematics: University of Waterloo, 2013 - 2017

    Honours: With Distinction, Dean's Honours List

MAst in Pure Mathematics: University of Cambridge, 2017 - 2018

    Wolfson College

PhD Candidate: Stony Brook University, 2018 -

Some old expository articles from Waterloo:

Stone-Weierstrass by Functional Analysis

Compact Groups

Existence, Uniqueness, and Regularity for the Euler-Lagrange PDE

My joint publication with Matthew Kennedy and Daniel Spivak:

An infinite quantum Ramsey theorem


Program Overviews

    A treatise embedded in technical writing, as submitted in CS coursework, including an explanation of the title of this site. Speculation on the seriousness quotient is left as an exercise to the reader.