Hi! I'm Rahul!

I'm a backend focussed fullstack developer from Noida, India

I hope you're keeping well & are safe :-)

Who are you mate?

Quirky kinda guy who
is 17 yrs old
writes code for websites
plays the drums
clicks photographs
has high ethical standards
aspires to become a blockchain developer & researcher

If you prefer a formal document, you can take a look at my CV

Code & I

For non-coders: I write the "magic" behind the websites. Ever wondered what happens AFTER you submit a Google form? The kind of code written by me ensures that it's stored safely & can be accessed by you the next time.
For coders: I write backend code in Express.js, Flask, Django. Currently figuring out React & C#.

A concept of mine: I believe in making "big bets" on technologies, much like companies do. I think the future's in Blockchain & Quantum Computing, with AI/ML being used everywhere "casually".

Some select work in code follows


A URL Shortner built in Django

screenshot of Cutshort.in; The URL Shortener Rahul built

Amrit Masonic School

School for the specially abled. Built the website using Gatsby & SCSS.

screenshot of the website of Amrit Masonic School built by Rahul

eSpice Hunting Practice

Webapp for my juniors to practice Cryptic Hunts for Delhi Tech Circuit (DTC) competitions

screenshot of the webapp Rahul built for his juniors to learn how to attempt Cryptic Hunts

The Meme Way

A concept website for learning Physics through Memes!

screenshot of The Meme Way - A place to learn Physics through memes


Steganography & Cryptography tools built in C# & ASP.NET.

screenshot of Stegano built by Rahul

Photography & Drums

I click photographs :-)
Some select work follows.
My Instagram may give a more wholesome picture of how I click pictures
Photograph of a laptop, pair of headphones, and a pencil on a piece of paper; Labelled 'Ideas' Photograph of Rahul with sweat/water on this face, staring at the camera as if for a sports ad


So far, I've been able to lead through the eSpice club (tech club), TED Ed Club, and Student Council at my school. I served as Vice President at eSpice and the Club Leader at TED Ed for the 2019-20 club cycles.
In the Student Council, I serve as a Headboy. Some of the results of my leadership during highschool follow.

I've tried to lead in way that results in something that's not only bigger than myself, but lasts after I leave.

eSpice Orientation Series

  • Led the creation of a Youtube Playlist to introduce the club
  • Cryptic Hunts Orientation made by me was used by DPS Indore, RKP, Dwarka students to introduce the field to their juniors
  • Series has 1700+ views


Zoom Bombing

Stuff I call Philosophy

Family holds a huge place in my heart & life.
By family, I don't just mean the one's relatives but also the school clubs one cherishes, the groups of friends you love and all of that.
This often leads to me living in a constant sense of nostalgia and cherishing moments with family.
Maybe it’s just something about togetherness
I think it even (positively) impacts the shows I’ve watched: Everybody Loves Raymond, Big Bang Theory (togetherness + smart people lol)

Some other quote-y things I believe:
- credit where credit is due
(might be continued)

Contact Me

email icon jesuisrahult@gmail.com
github icon RahulTandon1
instagram icon this.is.rahul.tandon
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