I wrote a raytracer as part of CS 488 (Computer Graphics). My roommate Matt suggested that I have it save a timestamped image every time I invoke "make run".


November 3, 9:36PM

Hey this assignment is due on Tuesday. Maybe I should start?

November 4, 12:22AM

Okay, spheres are good. And who needs colour anyways? Something looks wrong though...

November 4, 1:06AM

"It's upside down and your field of view is too wide. Maybe you're using degrees instead of radians?"
- Craig S. Kaplan

November 4, 1:03PM

Now with correct unit conversions and 100% fewer sign errors!

November 4, 2:33PM

Diffuse lighting contributions. The light is purple, apparently. And it's upside down again...

November 4, 3:41PM

Specular lighting contributions were spectacularly overblown.

November 4, 3:50PM

Okay, that's better.

November 4, 4:14PM

I don't remember what I was testing here, but it probably didn't work.

November 4, 4:51PM


November 4, 7:45PM

That's supposed to be a cube in the bottom-left corner.

November 4, 9:29PM

I've invented anti-cube rendering.

November 4, 10:44PM

Tried to add reflections. Somewhat successful.

November 4, 10:46PM

Reflections only.

November 6, 6:24PM

Arbitrary polygons are difficult to render.

November 6, 6:51PM


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