Patrick & Carrie Cummings 熊 (Hung)

My childhood was in Canada and some other parts of the world. My parents are in Waterloo. My brothers are in U of Oxford and Washington State University. Carrie is the most beautiful woman in the world. We got married in 1999

I am a big ugly hairy gwai-lo, and am living and working in Hong Kong. My Chinese name is 熊 (Hung), meaning bear, My wife gave me this name when we were dating.
Do you think I look like a bear? Here is a picture of me from when I was back in Canada.

Very Cute Picture
Carrie & I

With Hans-Georg Wolf, I wrote a Dictionary of Hong Kong English at the request of HKU Press.

I have lived and taught in Hong Kong for more than twenty years I write articles for Ming Pao on how to Learn English. These are written under the pen name John Larrysson. These articles cover many topics including phonics, grammar, word usage and punctuation. Other topics inlcude educational issues, copyright, English varieties, the history of the English language and political word usage.

During the summer I have been reading and recording a book called The Little House in the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Here is an index of the recordings. Also during some summers I have written articles on food and cooking.

In December there have been some Yuletide themed articles.

There is also a long list with descriptions of articles that needs updating.

It is my fond hope that with the use of the resources that nature has given us we will be able to
leave this planet and expand across the solarsystem. One day to venture out among the stars
and make the universe our home.

For many ages we have searched for the meaning of life. Now biochemists are handing
the world the meaning and its chemical formula. This is great knowledge. The test of
wisdom is what we do with that knowledge.

I learned about how to use computers at the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club. Thank you very much to everyone who answered my questions.