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Misc: Bosun's Mate's COLREGS and Nav lights; My ColRegs, Global Land Cover Facility: Earth Sciences Data Interface Admiralty Charts and publications, Inmarsat, Transas Marine Technology very useful knots from Roper's Knot Page; Rope, Lines, Knots, Bends and Hitches, Knot Theory from KnotPlot, British India Steam Navigation Company's Cadet's Manual (Practical Seamanship Syllabus) Stability lessons, info articles from Armadillo Marine Consultants, Bodwitch Online, The Online Nautical Almanac, Ocean Navigator Mag, Java Astronomy, The Institute of Navigation (journal), IACS, OCIMF, USCG, gyroscopes, Israel Ports The Nautical Institute, Port Focus

Meteorology: Tapuz articles;

ECDIS: IC-ENC, Primar Stavanger, OSI Nav Systems

Astronomy: Zodiac constellation images Astronomy Forum, Celestial Navigation Net, A Short Guide to Celestial Navigation, Celestial Navigation Data, Astronomy without a Telescope from Astronomy Notes, Heavenly Mathematics (Java and video), Demos and Animations for Teaching Astronomy

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  • historical: Acronyms & abbreviations, Historical Dictionary of Mediterranean Nautical Terms, Nautical Origins of common words and phrases, Nautical Origins of common expressions, scuba slang and tech terms,
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