Welcome to the Image Quality Survey!

This is a very simple survey. You will asked to view a series of image pairs. Even if it is not obvious, the images in each pair differ slightly. For each pair, choose the image that looks best, or select "no difference" when you can't see any noticeable difference between them.

No personal information will be collected or stored. There are no right or wrong answers, but please take this task seriously.

Please ensure that your browser window is maximized, and do not complete this survey on a cell phone or small screen tablet. It is important that you see the images clearly.

There are thousands of image pairs, you are only asked to evaluate a few randomly selected from the set. You can redo this survey as many times as you wish --- each time will be different.

Thanks for your help!

How many image pairs would you like to evaluate?

10 Image Pairs
25 Image Pairs
50 Image Pairs
100 Image Pairs