Broken Picturephone - 5/15/2020, 2:53:09 AM

adifferentname's Book

Page 1, adifferentname:

min plays the fiddle while jumping over a cow

Page 2, AccrueElfinKnish:

Page 3, not jorfyjorf:

fiddler on the moo

Page 4, jorfyjorf:

Page 5, GetElfBread:

Stomping on a poor cow's back while maniacally playing the cello

Page 6, notanelf:

notanelf's Book

Page 1, notanelf:

stinky armpits be gone

Page 2, adifferentname:

Page 3, jorfyjorf:


Page 4, AccrueElfinKnish:

Page 5, not jorfyjorf:

smelly neckless man pours water on self for $3.95

Page 6, GetElfBread:

jorfyjorf's Book

Page 1, jorfyjorf:

monty python

Page 2, GetElfBread:

Page 3, adifferentname:

losing balance on the great wall of china

Page 4, notanelf:

Page 5, AccrueElfinKnish:

Hamlet considers life on a parapett

Page 6, not jorfyjorf:

AccrueElfinKnish's Book

Page 1, AccrueElfinKnish:

when the tuna's FUCKING RAW!!!

Page 2, not jorfyjorf:

Page 3, adifferentname:

scientist goku murders innocent fish

Page 4, GetElfBread:

Page 5, notanelf:

naruto blasts water at suffocating fish

Page 6, jorfyjorf:

not jorfyjorf's Book

Page 1, not jorfyjorf:

girffes on a plane

Page 2, jorfyjorf:

Page 3, AccrueElfinKnish:

Coming this summer, starring Samuel L. Jackson. Girffes on a Plane.

Page 4, adifferentname:

Page 5, GetElfBread:

America! Fuck yeah! Girffes on planes! Fuck yeah!

Page 6, notanelf:

GetElfBread's Book

Page 1, GetElfBread:

How do you fill a heart that has a ham shaped hole?

Page 2, notanelf:

Page 3, not jorfyjorf:

ham is where the heart is

Page 4, jorfyjorf: