Broken Picturephone - 5/9/2020, 10:42:31 PM

heh's Book

Page 1, heh:

cookie is stolen from a bakery

Page 2, AccrueElfinKnish:

Page 3, 420noscoper:

Armed robbery

Page 4, jennifer:

Page 5, maket:

Zelda buys a gun

AccrueElfinKnish's Book

Page 1, AccrueElfinKnish:

Once there was a spider on the wall of a dusty house

Page 2, maket:

Page 3, heh:

spider cleaning a gutter (good drawing btw)

Page 4, 420noscoper:

Page 5, jennifer:

small spider digging into a half-log with speech bubble "Ye boi!"

420noscoper's Book

Page 1, 420noscoper:

CS241 man. You either like it. Or you don't

Page 2, heh:

Page 3, AccrueElfinKnish:

who wins: one million pounds of tsunami waves or a danger snek

Page 4, maket:

Page 5, jennifer:

beach on the left, snake on the right, separated by a zig zag