Internet slang tends to use shorter versions of words to type more quickly, such as attac and protec instead of attack and protect.
Let's take it one step further and remov an e from the end of words when possibl. However, we have to be careful not to remov an e if their bas word already exists!
For exampl, flute can be shortened to flut but advisee cannot be shortened becaus advise is already a word (even though advise itself could be shortened, we won't worry about that becaus the ambiguity would be confusing).
I need your help to communicat mor efficiently!
I started by removing som words that I don't need from the dictionary already (who wants to talk about buses when we have trains anyway?), but you can help me shorten the words that ar left.

You can find the list of words here.

This page was inspired by advent of code.
Thank you to everyone who helped me set up and test this page.