Current Mission

I'm here at the University of Waterloo to attempt to reconcile two worlds: the world of arts/social sciences, and that of computers. Growing up I always wanted to be an engineer, but ended up lost along the way. Math is hard :( ...But I can make a computer do math just fine! I can also make computers do many things that were not intended! After more than 5 years in the IT Security industry I have realized that the root of all problems is the humans. So I'm studying psychology in an attempt to engineer a better society.

Industry Experience

-From 2015-2020 - Consulted for dozens of companies, ranging in size from startup to enterprise

-2020 onwards - ???... Would like to contribute to security in healthcare, as well as applying data science to clinical medicine


-Sheridan - 2015 - Computer Programmer

-University of Guelph - 2007 - Majoring in Philosophy

Other Interests

-Musical instruments, acoustic, electronic, and digital

-Plants, nature, going for walks

-Fixing things around the house

-Reading, of course subjects I study but also spy/detective novels

-Painting, usually acrylics, and looking at better painters