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[   ]Weighted Capacitated, Priority, and Geometric Set Cover via Improved Quasi-Uniform Sampling.pdf2011-10-04 19:33 370K 
[   ]The School Bus Problem on Trees.pdf2011-06-24 17:23 166K 
[   ]The Approximability and Integrality Gap of Interval Stabbing and Independence Problems.pdf2012-05-08 07:55 197K 
[   ]Strip Packing with Slicing.pdf2012-04-22 14:52 1.4M 
[   ]Self-Approaching Graphs.pdf2012-06-14 15:38 353K 
[   ]On Column Restricted and Priority Integer Covering Programs.pdf2010-11-15 14:31 378K 
[   ]Nearly Optimal Linear Embeddings Into Very Low Dimensions.pdf2013-06-14 21:29 189K 
[   ]Exact Algorithms and APX-Hardness Results for Geometric Set Cover.pdf2011-05-17 04:33 150K 
[   ]Exact Algorithms and APX-Hardness Results for Geometric Packing and Covering Problems - Journal Version.pdf2012-03-30 01:59 237K 
[   ]Elyot Grant SM Thesis - Dimension Reduction Algorithms for Near-Optimal Low Distortion Embeddings and Compressive Sensing.pdf2013-07-19 15:50 220K 
[   ]Elyot Grant Masters Thesis - Covering Problems via Structural Approaches.pdf2011-09-30 09:09 2.5M 
[   ]Compressive Sensing Using Locality-Preserving Matrices.pdf2012-12-04 05:37 198K 
[   ]Closures in Formal Languages and Kuratowski's Theorem.pdf2011-02-22 09:07 344K 
[   ]Bounds for the Discrete Correlation of Infinite Sequences.pdf2009-09-20 13:08 239K 
[   ]A Geometric Approach to Combinatorial Fixed-Point Theorems.pdf2013-09-06 20:22 173K 

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