Dax Hutcheon

Personal Data

Donald Aaron Dax Hutcheon
Personal Information
E-Mail Address
Phone Number
(613) 866-1387
Business Information
Email Address
Phone Number
(613) 288-5688

Special Skills


September 1993 - December 2000
Computer Science Major, University of Waterloo, 4th Year
I have taken courses in Computer Science, Applied Math, Physics, Pure Math, Combinatorics & Optimization, Economics, Physics, History, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Science, and English
June 1993
Graduated from Napanee District Secondary School with OSSD

Computer Proficiency

Programming Languages

Work experience
C, COBOL, Foxpro, PROTEL, Tcl/Tk
Educational experience
C, C++, uC++, Turing, Pascal, Modula-3, Scheme
Informal experience
Perl, Shell scripts, Batch files
Brief encounters
BASIC, Visual Basic


I have lots of experience with IBM PC AT/XT or compatible hardware, including installation and setup of LAN cards, CD-ROMs, modems, memory and cache upgrades

Operating Systems

Lots of experience
UNIX (various flavours), MS-DOS (3.3-7.0), MS-Windows (3.x,95)
Windows 98, OS/2 2.x, OS/2 Warp, MacOS
Brief encounters
DMS SOS, MVS, VMS, Netware


Work Experience

September 1999 - December 1999
Performed various development-related tasks at Nortel Networks, such as
January 1999 - April 1999
Developed an event-based simulation model with Nortel, for which I
May 1998 - August 1998
Developed and enhanced software for Nortel, which required me to
September 1997 - December 1997
Development and training work for Nortel, which involved
January 1997 - April 1997
Did Year 2000 compliance work for Zurich Canada, which included
May 1996 - August 1996
Developed waveform analysis software for EMR Canada, which involved
September 1995 - December 1995
Produced in-house software for CIBC, where I

Awards, Scholarships

Activities, Interests

I have been an active member of the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club for 4 years, and have held executive positions as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Librarian, Office Manager, and WWW maintainer.

I enjoy particular sports, and play them on an informal basis whenever it's convenient.

I enjoy reading (mostly fiction), and generally do so to relax when I have time to spare.

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