Since sex sites on the web are in general in a somewhat "dynamic" state, I've divided the list into three major sections. To start with, there are sites which I have selected as "a cut above" the rest, or at least of particular inerest to me. Then there are those sites which have been up for a while, seem to be able to handle the load they get, and don't appear to be going down anytime soon. Finally, there are those sites which are relatively new to me, and haven't made it into the first or second lists

P.S. If you don't know what I mean by "Vanilla", (or more importantly, "Not Vanilla"), poke around a bit, you'll figure it out.

Feel free to mail me a link or so to add to the list

Personal Selections


Maybe not reliable

Adult Verification Sites

These are "services" provided by companies that theoretically verify that you are an adult. Generally this involves you showing them a real life ID, and paying them a small fee to keep yourself on their list. They will then give you a user ID and a password, so that adult-oriented sites can ask you for them, to verify you should actually be allowed to view their material. Note that I've never actually tried any of these, so for all I know, they might all be scams.

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