The Caveats

The following pages contain some fairly large images, so unless you have high speed internet access, or are very interested in seeing the maps, I recommend turning around and going back. Maybe check out the geographically based sets of pictures?

Assuming you're still interested, you might also be interested in knowing that there are clickable areas on all of the maps, which take you either to a larger scale map of the area in question, or to the first picture (in the sequence of all 594) taken in that area. Unfortunately for most of you (I'm guessing), I've taken the opportunity of this little project to work with some fairly new "WWW" features that are not yet well supported by most browsers. I have fallback mechanisms in place to enable the basic functionality for everybody, but the upshot of this is that most of you will not see any indication of which areas are clickable. Fear not! The fallbacks also include, at the top of every map, text links that take you to the same places as the clickable areas.

Not only that, but just for you (because you're my very favourite person in the whole wide world), all the maps are accessible directly from this page. Just keep reading, you'll find them.

For those who are intrigued, and want to see the extra spiffy versions of these maps (highlighted and responsive active areas, floating thumbnails of the target, no archaic text links), you'll need a browser (or plugin) that has good support for CSS, DOM and SVG. The uncommon part of those is SVG, so you'll probably have to download a plugin. For windows users, I'd recommend Opera with the Adobe SVG plugin. The plugin also mostly works with Internet Explorer, but the interactive parts (responsive active areas and floating thumbnails) don't seem to. The plugin also works with Netscape 4.x, but not any recent (ie. Mozilla based) versions. To enable the plugin for Opera, (once you've installed it) copy the files NPSVG3.dll and from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\SVG Viewer 3.0\Plugins to C:\Program Files\Opera\Program\Plugins, and (re)start Opera.

The Maps