Jobmine Interview Checker

Updated (2012-08-12): still works in Spring 2012

Interview Checker is a Jobmine interview notifier. It will notify you by email or SMS (using an email to text service) when a change occurs on your Interviews page in Jobmine that you need to know about (so, it will not notify you when you select a time slot, for example). Interview Checker checks for interviews every ten minutes.


The source code is included for those who are interested. Unzip the jar file to find it.


There are more detailed instructions in the README file.


The code is licensed under the open source MIT License. I encourage anyone with suggestions or changes to the code to contact me so that we can incorporate those improvements and distribute them.

Contact: aralibhai at uwaterloo dot ca

Change log

Email to text Services

Here is a short list of a few email to SMS services I found: