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The news for Winter 2002 is listed here.

2002-04-22, sjdutoit: Added books! About 2.5 shelves are there, minus a whole lot that weren't readily accessible from the Library of Congress. Getting all of the books on there is going to be a tough job. These are, by the way, managed by good-old (or new?) CEO. Thanks to Ryan Golbeck and Petio for their hard work getting ISBN numbers onto disc.

2002-04-15, sjdutoit: Added a bunch of old events and some documents, including the constitution.

2002-04-15, sjdutoit: Added the membership list. Old events are working. Event terms, as well as the current term are determined automagically now. Lots of work done. Some more stubs up (office etc.). And I introduce cow - that is, the CSC Ontological Webalizer - which is just a wrapper around libxslt with some extra xpath functions. It is now what is being used to build the site, instead of xsltproc.

2002-02-04, sjdutoit: About/Memberlist stub up. Made the CSC logo gold. Isn't it nifty?

2002-02-03, sjdutoit: XML goodness.