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The news for Spring 2003 is listed here.

2003-08-12, ja2morri: carbonated-water, h2o, is back up. It's a great machine for reading mail on.

2003-08-12, ja2morri: The CSC Procedures manual has been added to the website. Thanks go to Shannon Mann for reminding us of this document.

2003-08-06, ja2morri: We've finally gotten around to disabling accounts. If you find your account has been improperly disabled please email the executive. We are keeping a back up of the files and mail for each disabled account for a short period of time.

2003-07-09, ja2morri: Jim Elliott gave a great talk for the CSC yesterday and has put his slides online.

2003-07-03, sfllaw: We have been notified by the Guelph Computer Club that they are unable to host our group event. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2003-06-05, sfllaw: We have a new computer called glucose-fructose, or sugar for short. As a result, carbonated-water is temporarily out of service, although it should return within a month.

2003-05-14, sjdutoit: The CSC elections took place and we have a new executive for Spring 2003.