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The news for Fall 2010 is listed here.

2010-11-03, ebering: The CSC has been invited to MathSoc's annual Charity Ball. If you are interested in attending with the CSC, please contact Gwynneth Leece The Charitby Ball costs $20 per person and includes a three-course dinner. It is Saturday November 20th at 6pm.

2010-09-22, m2ellis: We experienced a recent power outage which caused the RAID array hosting mirror data to need to be rebuilt. As a result, the mirrored data is temporarily read-only. We hope to resume synchronizing as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. You can view the reconstruction progress on the mirror's index page

2010-09-14, m2ellis: Elections are over. The results are:

2010-09-12, m2ellis: Nominations are now closed. The nominations are as follows:

2010-09-10, m2ellis: Time for the election on September 14th has been decided. It will be held at 16:30 in the MC comfy lounge.

2010-09-04, m2ellis: Nominations for the fall term executives are now open. They will close on Sunday September 12. The election will be held on Tuesday the 14th. To enter a nomination write the name/position on the CSC office whiteboard or send it to