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UW Computer Science 2023 Class Profile

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Computer Science

Computer Science (CS) is commonly offered by the Faculty of Mathematics as a co-op program, with students usually attending 8 school and 6 co-op terms in their degree. However, CS is more flexible than the other two programs because of the ability to choose from a wider range and number of electives, to take terms off, and to change their academic schedules to fit their needs.

Computing and Financial Management

Computing and Financial Management (CFM) combines the core CS courses with electives from areas such as accounting, economics, and financial management. This is a joint offering by the Faculty of Mathematics and the School of Accounting and Finance. The program is offered only as a co-op program with 6 co-op terms.

Computer Science/Business Administration

Joint with Wilfrid Laurier University, the Business Administration and Computer Science Double Degree (CS/BBA) is an exclusive offering that allows students to gain experience in CS as well as many subfields of business. There are 10 school terms and either 4 or 5 co-op terms in the usual schedule, so it's a longer degree with more academic terms than CS or CFM.


The 2023 CS Class Profile consists of data relevant to CS, CFM, and CS/BBA students completing their undergrad in 2023. These were combined with the knowledge that students in these programs tend to have similar experiences, as they share many core courses. In the standard co-op offering, CS and CFM take 4 years and 2 terms to complete, while CS/BBA can take up to a full 5 years.

The University of Waterloo's computer science programs are known to be prestigious and well-known in Canada as well as across the world. As of 2022, it ties for first place in Maclean's university rankings, and 25th internationally as a subject by the QS World University rankings. For prospective students or anyone who is interested in learning more about what the students are like, this CS Class Profile will attempt to answer some of your questions, and you may even learn a thing or two you didn't expect!

According to the Institutional Analysis & Planning (IAP), there were a 629 graduates from CS, CFM, and CS/BBA, leading to a overall survey turnout of 21%. By program, this is a 22% turnout from CS graduates, 12% turnout from CS/BBA graduates, and 32% turnout from CFM graduates.

The survey questions were approved by the IAP, where all University of Waterloo stakeholders that are interested in conducting a non-academic research survey involving a large portion of the UW population are reviewed and approved. The entirety of the survey creation and data processing was done by the UW Computer Science Club, so please check us out if you enjoy what you see!