Derek Zeng

Hacker | Programmer | Robots

Hey, I'm Derek.

I'm a Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I'm an all-around physics nerd, full-time hacker, and temporarily retired gamer.

In the past, I've designed microrobots for the Waterloo Nanorobotics Group, hacked together some embedded projects, and wrote code for a natural language processing startup called Wriber.

If you're interested in working on something together, shoot me an email! Here are some links.

Current Projects:

Solenoid Actuated Microrobot

Surface Acoustic Wave

IoT humidity tracker

Android Labyrinth solver

Past Projects:

Alexabuddy (Amazon Echo)

Fiber Laser Amplifier

Research on Column Buckling

Want to work on something together?

Feel free to reach out to me - I'm always happy to talk!
Shoot me an email or see what I've been up to on GitHub or Instagram.