Jackie's "Tons of Fun Puns"; making people's lives miserable since: 7/8/2015

1."I Amp Currently studying for tomorrow's test on electricity." PHYSICS x3

2."Circular motion is a tough unit, I'm not getting anywhere even after 3 hours of studying." PHYSICS

3."I tried teaching my brother fractions today, he couldn't understand Half of what I was saying" MATH

4."I can't teach him Calculus yet, he has his Limits." MATH

5."What do you call a good program? An .execellent program." COMP SCI

6."Take Note of the accidentals in this section, it's quite tricky." MUSIC

7."I have to be Onix with you, I can't Pika-ture life without Chu." OTHER x3

8."Teach me trig, sin(pi)!" MATH

9."I have Terable news, my computer Ram out of memory." COMP SCI x2

10."The chem test was brutal. The teacher showed absolutely no Enthalpy." CHEM

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