Hello, I'm Jazbel

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Feb 11-13 on VOTE.FEDS.CA




  • First Year Representative
  • First Year Affairs Director
  • Vice President, Events
  • CS Councillor
  • President
  • Affilliates: Women in Math & Women in CS (WiM and WiCS)

St.Jerome's University

  • Frost Leader: runs community events in the first week of winter
  • Student Activities Team: run orientation events and community events throughout the year

Federation of Students

  • Internal Administration Committee: approves club's constitution and handles disciplinary actions for clubs
  • Math Councillor
  • MathFOC (Federation Orientation Committee)


  • Math Ambassador (Open Houses)
  • Math Endowment Fund Director

About Me

Hi everyone! I’m a VP Internal Candidate, running independently. My passion has always been student involvement on campus. I have been involved in Mathematics Society (MathSoc), St. Jerome’s University, Math Orientation (MathFOC), Feds, Math Endowment Fund, Women in Computer Science, and Women in Math. I am currently MathSoc President (Fall 2016-Winter 2017) while balancing my life as a Fourth Year Computer Science student.
My goal is to increase visibility for all clubs, services, societies with the help of faculty, staff and Feds. In my spare time, I enjoy bouldering, dancing and chatting with friends or (soon-to-be friends). For more information, check out https://www.facebook.com/jazforVPIN/ and follow https://twitter.com/jazforvpin/. If you have questions or concerns, please email me at jazforvpin@gmail.com.