Our Team

WatSat is a student design team based out of the University of Waterloo's Student Design Center.  We are a multidisciplinary team made up of both undergraduate and graduate students with a common goal of launching our very own CubeSat into space.  The competition we take part in is the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC).  This is our fourth time competing, and with every competition WatSat aims to iterate and improve upon previous models; streamlining and refining past designs and hardware.  For the 2016-2018 competition, WatSat aims to build a 3U CubeSat from off-the-shelf components with the purpose of monitoring changes in arctic sea-ice.

Professor Armaghan Salehian is the Faculty Advisor for WatSat, and helps to facilitate support for the team through the university. Prof. Salehian is also the supervisor for the GNSS reflectometry research that used for WatSat's payload.

The Canadian Satellite Design Competition

The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge is a 2 year, Canada-wide, competition where university students design, build, and potentially launch their very own satellites into low Earth orbit.  Each team must create a CubeSat  designed to conduct scientific research while in orbit and must also pass space environment qualification testing.  The winning team will have the opportunity to have their satellite launched into space!

For more information check out the CSDC website here!